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Larry Williams
*Risk Disclosure: Trading security futures contract may not be suitable for all investors. You may lose a substantial amount of money in a very short period of time. The amount you may lose is potentially unlimited and can exceed the amount you originally deposit with your broker. This is because futures’ trading is highly leveraged, with a relatively small amount of money used to establish a position in assets that have a much greater value. If you are uncomfortable with this level of risk, you should not trade security futures contracts. Copyright ©  All rights reserved : Trade Futures Ltd.


Why Invest In Commodities?

The thought of buying and selling commodities such as sugar, wheat, oil, gold, feeder cattle etc. has an element of excitement and mystery. However many potential investors lack the knowledge to trade these markets successfully. Why should you consider futures trading as part of my shares portfolio? [Learn More About Why Trade Commodities.]

Profit Potential

Commodities trade through exchanges, to open an account, we use margin accounts, therefore we only need to put down a small investment to experience large gains; of course, if you don’t manage your positions properly, where there is a potential for large gains, there is also the same potential for large losses. It’s for this reason that we recommend you contact us to help you learn how to make wise trading decisions.  These are some of the trades you could have entered, had you been on the correct side of the market: •  A recent Sugar investment of $3,780 profited $4,600 in only eight months. •  A recent Silver investment of $12,375 profited $43,625 in only three months. This is how much profit you could have made when trading the futures markets; to get started trading futures, we recommend this number one ranked live trading platform to do so: Track n Trade Charting Software and Live Trading Platform. Don’t worry; the beauty of the futures markets is that there will be another opportunity. [Learn more about the profit potential of trading commodities here.]

The Power of COT Charts

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) provides inside information about purchases and sales of futures contracts. The largest players in each market are required to disclose their positions to the CFTC on a daily basis and this report is released weekly on Friday afternoon (the reporting requirement varies by commodity). These traders are separated into Commercial Hedgers, Large Speculators and Small Speculators. Our recommended live trading platform Track ‘n Trade, uses this COT data to create an amazing combination of technical charts and indicators to help us use this information to our advantage when trading. [Learn More about COT here.]

The Power of Implied Volatility Charts

Implied Volatility (IV) charts are powerful indicators in predicting price movements in futures trading. It is an area that is not well understood among many traders and thus ignored. It is extremely useful in forecasting a market top or bottom. Learn how to factor (IV)  [Learn more about the Power Of Implied Volatility here.]
Thank you for stopping by my website, please look around, and see what trading commodities is all about; then contact me for expert trading advice. Before you leave, please set aside some time to read my article on The Power of Implied Volatility: July 2006 issue, Stocks & Commodities Magazine -- Sam Bhugaloo
“In the futures market, every dollar lost is a dollar won by someone else, hopefully you and me. Where else have millions been made, in less time, with less work and less dollars up front? What your mom and dad told you is correct. Without risk there is not much to be gained; risk and reward go hand in hand with each other. If there were no risk involved we could not have the potential for gain.” -- Larry Williams
Implied Volatility Chart Track 'n Trade Commitment of Traders Chart Lan H. Turner
“Trading the futures market has been one of the most fulfilling ventures I’ve ever taken. I love trading, it’s become my life’s work, and enjoy it so much, I dedicated my career to it, and to telling and showing other people how they can experience the thrill of trading too.” -- Lan Turner

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